Meet these up and coming race stars!
Talk to the kids about their love of Powersports and to their parents about what it takes to get a child into the sport!

Introducing the Buettner Braapers
Korbin Buettner – 6 years old
Kohen Buettner – 5 years old
Kinsley Buettner – 2 years old
and Busy Parents  Melanie and Jared Buettner!


The kids started racing dirtbikes and sleds when they were 3 years old. Kinsley will start racing dirtbikes this year at 2 years old. They raced 16 dirtbike Races in the 2017 year and hope they can make 21 races in 2018!

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Meet these Stars of Tomorrow at the Show in booths 902/904/906!

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